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Building Inspections - Generally

Q. If there are so many rules and regulations that control the building industry, why should a person having a house or commercial building engage an inspector?

A. "Peace of mind". The consumer can be reassured that the workmanship complies with the rules and regulations and meets appropriate standards of workmanship if regularly reported on by an independent person who has the necessary qualifications and skills.

To quote one experienced building supervisor working for a major project builder admitted: "...when I found out that the clients had engaged a consultant I put my best tradesmen onto the job..." B.H., June 2006.

An indipendant, experienced building consultant can also make sure that the builder completes all other aspects of the contract. These "other aspects" include such things as whether variations are valid and their costs are reasonable, if time extensions are legitimate and that progress payments are properly claimed and so on.

Should any aspect of the project not be properly performed according to the contract, the consultant is in a position to best advise where and how to get those matters dealt with.

Building Inspections and/or reports can be arranged to report on:

  •  Technical problems - to determine their cause/s and rectification by preparation of 'scope of works' (see also the defects and disputes page).
  •  Buildings under construction - that is works in progress to report on workmanship and check progress payments.
  •  Building contracts - review building contract documents and design before signing to advise on the contents and highlight the rights and obligations of the builder and owner.
  •  Pre-purchase inspections for new and existing buildings. Remember the purchaser's offer to purchase a property should include a building inspection clause that covers "all improvements on the property" and that the inspection should confirm if they are "sound and in good working order". This avoids confusion of a subjective assessment that uses words like "satisfactory or significant".
  •  Dilapidation reports - reports on the current state of the building before commencement of nearby construction which might cause damage. A "before and after" report to indicate if the neighbouring building site or civil works is the cause of damage to an existing house.

Make sure you are satisfied that the person you engage is suitably qualified and can act indipendantly.

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