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Phil Faigen

Design and Project Management

Working directly with a project builder certainly has its advantages. Even commercial projects benefit from having the project designed and built under a 'package deal' or 'turn-key' arrangement has considerable benefits.

But in some cases, having an independent skilled person can assist in achieving a better outcome in terms of design, negotiated conditions of a contract or assisting when things simply go wrong.

Part of the project management process is to establish a team of professional consultants and to manage the activities to the satisfaction of the owner.

That team might include the builder, designer (architect) various engineers, estimators, interior decorators, landscapers, real estate agents, strata managers and so on.

The project manager takes control to ensure all arrangements are in place for the delivery of the documents, estimates, tenders and ultimately a contract for the construction.

Commercially minded clients appreciate that the fee for an independent consultant to oversee the project can be minimal compared with the benefits - especially if the owner does not understand the complexity of the building process or cannot attend to such things because they operate overseas or are otherwise engaged in other business activities.

Did you know that to build a modest 2-storey house requires over 75 trades or suppliers - all of whom are expected to perform their respective tasks in an orderly fashion!!

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